Jack FM Gazette – August 2023

Jack FM Gazette – August 2023

No three day weekends until labor day
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Australian Barbie. Barbie doll has a shrimp on her head.

August, 2023 • Vol. 1, Issue 5

Playing What We Want is this summer’s sweatiest Blockbuster

Jack FM's Apron a day giveaway

We’ve seen you grill, and let’s face it, you really could use an apron.

So, every day in August, we’re giving away aprons…but not just any old aprons---JACK FM Special Edition aprons.

You’ll look better, and your food will taste better in one of these –good lookin’, tight fittn’ aprons.

Photo of kiss the crook grilling apron

Jack FM has comics...

TOON Of The Month

Cartoon about actors picketing

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