Jack FM Gazettte – July 2023

Jack FM Gazettte – July 2023

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July, 2023 • Vol. 1, Issue 4

“Playing What We Want” and NO auto-tipping!

The Jack FM OLC is M.I.A.

JACK FM’s Ordinary Listener Club has been under construction for a while, and frankly it’s taking longer than we thought.

What’s taking so long you ask? Well...

  • We forgot to order the pizza rolls.
  • Didn’t apply for permits.
  • The writers’ strike held up the press release.
  • Making things ordinary is hard.
  • Late is right on schedule for Jack FM

The good news is that even though the OLC is still under construction, we’re now accepting Ordinary Listener Club members and it’s FREE. Sign up here and begin receiving exclusive member benefits today!

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As an Ordinary Listener Club member, you’ll receive a free subscription to our original JACK comics called JACK Toons--- Plus our monthly newsletter, the JACK FM Gazette.  And the minute you sign up you’ll get a 30% discount at the JACK Merch Shop. And of course, members will always get first dibs on FREE stuff, limited edition merch, and new JACK content.

Jack FM has comics...

TOON Of The Month

Cartoon drawing of two dogs riding in a car with their heads sticking out of the window.


Independence Day isn’t the only holiday in July.  Let’s not forget National Pina Colada Day on July 10th, Etch-A-Sketch Day on July 12th, and how about National Be a Dork Day on July 15. July 20th is National Moon Day, please pull your pants up Frank.  July 25th is National Hot Fudge Sunday Day, and last but not least July 31st is Uncommon Musical Instrument Awareness Day.
Here’s our vote:  The Hydraulophone
Photo of a man playing a hydraulophone
Cartoon drawing of a funnly-looking bar-b-que chef.


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