Jack FM Gazette – February 2024

Jack FM Gazette – February 2024

Valentine's Day heart candies
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Groundhog nuggets

February, 2024 • Vol. 2, Issue 2

JACK FM – "L❤️ving What We Want." It's p❤️tat❤️ chips, btw.


KC Chiefs Name Change:
Seeking Broader Appeal and Larger Fanbase
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Valentine's Day personals

Single Jack FM listener looking for Valentine!
Do you love Tacos AND Technotronic?  Short hikes to the nearest sports bar?  Making love at midnight in the dunes of a cape?  Then we’re a Perfect match.

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TOON Of The Month

Nuggets On A Platter

Ground Hog Day may be over, but you will enjoy this recipe all month!

Groundhog nuggets on a platter with dipping sauce
Groundhog Nuggets
1 roadkill or willing groundhog
1 cup flour
2 cups cornmeal
2 tbsp salt
1 tbsp coarse black pepper
Garlic and onion powder to taste
½ tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp baking powder
2 eggs lightly mixed
2 cups peanut oil for frying
A can of Jack FM Fe-brew-ary beer

MIX DRY INGREDIENTS. Stir Eggs in separate bowl.

Cut GROUNDHOG INTO 1 inch NUGGETS. Dip nuggets into dry mix, then egg and back to flour mix.

DEEP FRY 8 TO 12 MINUTES in 350 degree oil UNTIL crispy and golden brown. Serve immediately with Ranch Dressing and Beer.

Pairs well with
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