Jack FM Gazette – March, 2023

Jack FM Gazette – March, 2023

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Funny graphic of a Chinese spy ballow from Party City

March, 2023 • Vol. 1, Issue 2

"Playing What We Want" from our Barcalounger

It's Merch Madness
  • JackFM's 2023 Spring Collection
  • Limited Edition JACK Merch
  • Not for sale--You can only WIN
  • Good Lookin' Tight Fittin' (but not too tight)

More details on March 20

Merch Madness bracket graphic
The best things about daylight savings time.
  1. Fewer vampire attacks
  2. Legit excuse for being late
  3. It's sunny when we wake up at 8:30pm
  4. Payday one hour closer
  5. More daylight for Booty Calls
This Monthin in Jack FM History
  • "Playing What We Want" comes to LA
  • No DJ's No Requests
  • Listeners shocked
  • Other radio stations stunned
  • Ratings don't suck
  • Who knew?

Jack FM has comics...

TOON Of The Month

Cartoon of a military officer at a podium with the caption, we'd prefer that Mexico spy on us. At least their balloons are filled with candy.
Summer Concert News
Poster of the band, Guns N Roses
  • It's the The Guns N' Roses World Tour.
  • Featuring their newest hit:
    "Sweet Grandchild O' Mine"
  • Earlybird Show Times @ 5:30
  • Watch this space to Win Tickets
  • PS: Tickets Needed


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