Jack FM Gazette – April / May, 2023

Jack FM Gazette – April / May, 2023

Baseball's back...football only 4 months away
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Taylor Swift Split... Song about it Tuesday

April / May, 2023 • Vol. 1, Issue 3

Playing what we want isn’t just a slogan, it’s JACK FM’s business plan.

Jack FM Opens ordinary listener club
  • It’s everything JACK FM and less!
  • Now accepting members at JACK.FM
  • Members get 30% off first purchase.
  • Free to join—we’ll accept almost anyone.
  • No meetings or weird stuff required.
  • What’s better than ordinary?
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Reminder: mother's day is May 14th
5 things not to say to mom

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TOON Of The Month

Campground sign saying to secure your cocaine
Jack FM merch shop opening May 1st
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It’s your Official source for JACK stuff.

Everything you need to become a fashion influencer.

Discounts & special deals for ordinary listener club members.


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