You've got Questions?

(As long as they're asked frequently, we've got answers.)

  • What is the Jack Ordinary Listener Club?
    • It's everything JACK and less.
  • How can I Join the Club?
    • You're Already Pre-Approved. Just sign up.
  • Where can I sign up?
  • When can I sign up?
    • Hopefully like 0.68888 seconds from now.
  • What do you mean by ordinary?
    • When we say ordinary, we mean JACK FM. When we say JACK FM, we mean ordinary.  (That's called the transitive property of ordinariness, it's science.)
  • Do you have any Merch?
    • Merch? Who was talking about Merch? That's so weird because on May 1st 2023 we are opening the JACK FM Merch Store and OLC Members get a 30% discount on their first purchase.
    • OLC Members can also win stuff and get instant access to special discounts and deals.
  • Hey I'm all the way down here and I don't feel like scrolling back up. Where's that sign up link again?
    • What did you do with the last one I gave you?  FINE, click here, but this is the LAST time I'm giving you the link.